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Orangeries: A Timeless Addition To Your Home

Whether you’re enjoying a warm Sicilian sunset or a cup of tea on a brisk British morning, an orangery is the perfect place. It can provide decorative and luxurious benefits that not only improve the aesthetic of a property, but its value too.

To help illustrate the many advantages of a high-quality orangery, we’ve written this broad overview on the topic.


The Benefits Of An Authentic Orangery

Although orangeries are often mistaken for conservatories in the gloomy British weather, there are a few distinctions that set them apart. Both structures offer certain advantages. However, there’s no arguing that an orangery does some things better.

Please see below for a highlight of these perks:


Please see below for a comprehensive and in-depth look at the qualities you should be looking out for:


Originating from Italy in the early 15th century, orangeries became a popular addition to a home because quality clear glass production became mainstream. There’s no denying that they bring a certain decorative style to a property. Usually combining tall glass windows and roof lanterns with masonry products. A structure like this adds a warm, rustic aesthetic.


One of the great advantages of using durable, natural products such as stone and brick, is that it adds a longer lifespan to an extension. Although construction is often labour-intensive, the payoff is a beautiful, solid structure that stands the test of time. Plastic and metal may have similar lifespans, but the fittings and construction techniques often limit their life in comparison.

Property Value

Orangeries add a great deal of value to a home. Though this is the case for other extension styles, orangeries are often made with higher quality materials with building practices that demand a higher valuation. Not only this, but the added floor space and ability to advertise an extra room to prospective buyers is undoubtedly going to increase the asking price.

Orangery Vs Conservatory: What’s The Difference?

At Chris James Building Services, we know that orangeries and conservatories are regularly confused with one another. It’s an easy mistake to make. They’re both extensions that bring in light through the use of glass, and are usually the same size and shape.

However, there are some distinguishable features that set them apart. To help you identify an orangery, we’ve outlined their unique characteristics.

Get In Touch With Christ James Building Services For High-Quality Orangeries

For a complete build package, contact Chris James Building Services. We specialise in authentic, bespoke orangeries and a high standard of work to ensure all improvements to your property exceed your expectations. Our tradesmen are all friendly, qualified and knowledgeable. This will provide you with peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

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