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What To Look For In A Reliable Builder

Finding the right builder for your home can be complex and often overwhelming. Unfortunately, a few unreliable contractors have tarnished an industry’s reputation. As a result, they have created distrust. However, although you should be careful when considering a construction company for your home, it’s essential to understand that there are contractors out there that value safe, long-lasting and beautiful structures as opposed to making an easy profit.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of characteristics to look out for in a builder. This way, you can find a quality contractor who has your best interests at heart.

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The Qualities Of A Reliable Builder

There are four schools of thought when it comes to choosing builders. By assessing these thoroughly, you’ll not only find a trustworthy tradesman with competitive prices but also peace of mind about the work they carry out too.

Please see below for a comprehensive and in-depth look at the qualities you should be looking out for:


Reputation is a critical component in a construction business. Not only is word of mouth a big draw for businesses, it also matters what people think of the work you do. As a result, the first thing you should do when considering a builder is to look at their reviews. Good work speaks for itself. You find evidence of this online and by looking at previous jobs. A tradesman should be proud of a job well done. Ask to speak to past customers to look at previous construction work.

Builder Skill & Certification

The skill and knowledge that accompanies beautiful building work are often overlooked. However, a huge amount of experience, knowledge and critical thinking is involved in all aspects of construction. That’s why it’s crucial you check the certification and qualifications of your potential builders. Evidence of their skill will be found in the knowledge they possess and the work they’ve carried out in the past. So, be sure to check out other jobs they’ve completed to confirm their ability.

Punctuality & Communication​

Although some compromise should be given for punctuality, it’s important your builder keeps to their word. The nature of running a construction business is juggling constant delays and redesigns. So, inevitably there will be some snags. However, from the very beginning your builder should strive to be on time, punctual and clear about all aspects of the quote or job. If the effort is made from the start, you can be confident that your needs are valued by the construction company.


The values of a builder are not often considered by potential customers. However, it is a great indicator of a business’s ethics. Your contractor should value your needs above all else. Not only this, but someone who takes pride in their work will always prioritise crafting a high-quality, functional and durable structure. By simply getting to know your potential builder, you can assess whether they truly value craftsmanship and hard work over maximising profit margins.

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